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If you do not know your nominee’s email, just enter “nominee first” DO NOT ENTER YOUR EMAIL.

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Once a nomination is received, the nominator will be contacted to initiate the process for completing a Recipient Information Form (RIF). Our Giving Committee (which includes at least one past recipient) reviews all RIFs and makes recommendations to the Foundation for specific Gifts of Fun. It is our goal to send as many people on vacation as possible, but as that is not always possible, the committee may select alternative gifts  based on information provided.

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Thank you for your gesture of nominating someone special for a gift of FUN during an otherwise challenging, tiring and sometimes hopeless time of being diagnosed and LIVING with breast cancer. We put FUN on the calendars of women and families -  women with calendars fill of chemo and radiation treatments doctors' appointments, tests and more tests. We send them on family vacations, relaxing spa days, dinners out with friends, concerts, sporting events and other FUN only activities. Our gifts provide the many Karen's out there a chance to balance mind, body and spirit by putting something on the calendar NOW to help them keep on LIVING.

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Please help support our mission of putting FUN on the calendars of these women and their families.
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