Frequently Asked Questions


Who can receive a Gift of Fun?

Anyone LIVING with breast cancer who is in active treatment for their diagnosis in the United States. KWF serves ALL women LIVING with Breast Cancer regardless of age, race, religion, ethnicity, stage of cancer or socio-economic status. We provide a wide variety of FUN experiences for our recipients because we understand that a break from cancer may look different for each and every person.

What is a Gift of Fun?

A Gift of Fun can be any experience that sounds like FUN to the nominee. The goal is to provide a mental & emotional break from the recipient’s cancer journey.

How is KWF able to give Gifts of Fun?

Complete our Nomination Form. No worries if you don’t know everything about their diagnosis. Complete the form to the best of your ability.

When should I nominate someone for a Gift of Fun?

Anytime! We work with our nominees to schedule their Gift of Fun in a timely manner that is also compatible with their cancer treatment schedule.

Can people outside of a KWF Chapter Area receive a Gift of Fun?

Yes! You can send a KWF Lemons to Lemonade box to anyone in the U.S. LIVING with breast cancer by completing this form.


How do I stay connected with KWF after I’ve received a Gift of Fun?

Being a KWF recipient means you are now part of our community. We have several touchpoints for you to stay engaged!

Visit the Recipient Page on our website to learn how to get involved and stay connected with the mission, fellow recipients + our growing KWF Family! (Insert link once page is made)

Join the KWF Recipient Ambassador Facebook page!

You will automatically receive recipient newsletters with information on upcoming social gatherings, networking events, storytelling workshops and more!

Many of our recipients volunteer regularly with us! Help us deliver a gift of FUN to another recipient, or volunteer to help at one of our events. Check out our volunteer opportunities here.

Email our Recipient Ambassador Chair, Lori, to join a committee


Want to host a KWF Fundraiser?

Please fill out our KWF Event Form so we can help assist you in making your event a success!

What role does the foundation play in an externally hosted fundraiser?

See our events one-pager for a rundown of roles and responsibilities!


What do sponsorship opportunities look like at KWF?

We pride ourselves in working directly with each sponsor to find the fit that’s best for them. From activating your brand at one of our annual events, to social media takeovers and blog features - you can show up in a number of ways! For more information, email

How does my sponsorship impact the organization?

It’s our goal to make every sponsorship dollar count towards our mission of getting FUN on the calendars of more women and families LIVING with breast cancer. Therefore, we do our best to have event registrations/fees cover the cost of our event expenses, keeping sponsorship dollars
directly for the FUN!


How can I contribute to the FUN?

We’re glad you asked! We have MANY ways in which you can help us to get more FUN on more calendars. We’ll list a few below - all donations can be made directly on our website!

- Monetary donations - choose between a one-time donation or a recurring monthly

- Vacation home donations - have a second home that you don’t use 52 weeks a year Donate a weekend, a full week, or multiple weeks to one of our recipients helping them create lasting memories for years to come!

- In-kind donations - FUN looks different to everyone, so we’re always in search of in-kind donations to help fulfill our wide range of experiences. Anything from concert /theater tickets to sporting events, zoo memberships, airline miles, hot air balloon rides and more!

- Your time! Volunteer to go on a gift delivery, work an event, or get involved in a number of other ways! Just tell us what you love to do and we will get you plugged in!


How do I become a volunteer?

Simply sign up here and join us on any open opportunity.

What kind of volunteer opportunities are available?

There are volunteer opportunities for every level of engagement or commitment you would like. From delivering gifts to recipients to working alongside our team at fundraisers. You can find allopen opportunities on our website here:

How do I sign up to receive emails from KWF?

You can opt in to receive emails from KWF directly from our website here:

I am interested in joining one of your boards (Board of Directors, Medical Advisory Board, Emerging Leaders). What is the process to do that?

We would love to hear from you about how you would like to become more involved in KWF’s mission. Please email for more information.

What are the requirements for becoming a volunteer?

Other than bringing the FUN with you when you represent KWF, we do not have specific requirements for volunteers! If an event has an age restriction due to a venue policy we will specify that in the volunteer role description.