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Karen Wellington had a wonderful way of turning lemons into (spiked) lemonade. Despite a cancer diagnosis at 30 that she LIVED with for 10 years, Karen quickly realized the significance of making the most of the time she was given.
She sure packed a whole lot of LIVING into that decade!

This all went on to inspire her largest painting, ‘Lemons to Lemonade.’ The painting signifies that beauty does not necessarily lie in the life we're given, but rather in what we choose to do with it. We decided to model this box after Karen’s ‘Lemons to Lemonade’ mantra in hopes that you too can find the beauty that lies in the choice to keep on LIVING ON.

In order to reach as many people as possible, we limit nominations to those in active treatment (chemo, radiation, surgery) or within 6 months of active treatment for Breast Cancer. Those who have moved into survivorship (cancer-free) do not qualify for a gift from KWF.

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