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When a calendar is filled with a seemingly endless stream of doctor appointments, tests, procedures, treatment and follow-up visits, leaving little time for much else. KWF thinks it is important to add something different, something FUN to your calendar to provide you a break from those dreary medical appointments and something to look forward to.Through gifts provided by generous vacation home donors, we are able match nominees to vacation spots and send recipients and their families or friends on special trips. Vacation properties are typically all around the country and pairing is determined by a variety of factors, including but not limited to both the donor and the trip recipient's availability. While we do our best to accommodate your wishes we cannot meet specific requests.

When a trip is offered to a recipient and they are unable to take it they are put on our Vacation Waiting list and when a new vacation opportunity pops up we will inform you. Our goal is to get every person on that waiting list on a vacation!

Please also know that if you have a vacation already planned you are not eligible for a KWF vacation at this time.

Please use the same email you used when filling out your recipient information form.

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Please Note: Travel companions are typically limited to immediate family members including spouse/partner and children under age 22 (college age or younger). If you would prefer to travel with friends rather than immediate family we will discuss further.

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Please help support our mission of putting FUN on the calendars of these women and their families.
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