The Miracle of Giving

July 20, 2022

​As I look outside on this cold, grey day in Cincinnati I’m reminded that my friend on the other end of the phone has a similar perspective, yet a much different view on this Sunday. Dr. Victor Nicolas or “Dr. Vic” as we call him is relaxing at his beachside home in Maui, enjoying an extended honeymoon with his wife, Rita. Dr.Vic has been an anesthesiologist for the past 35 years and a Hawaiian vacation homeowner for just shy of eight. He has generously given his beautiful condo to KWF recipients since 2015. The special thing about Dr. Vic is that he fully embodies our ‘Give First’ mentality. He has a ‘no strings attached’ approach when it comes to sharing the gifts life has given him with others. ​

When I spoke with him about what prompted his generous spirit he elaborated on the ‘miracle of giving.’ “Anyone who comes here, they come as our guest,” notes Dr. Vic. He went on to explain the importance of making lasting memories for families LIVING with cancer and how if he can provide his home to do just that, he’s “in.” Just this past November, KWF lost a member of our recipient family, Becky Pellegrini. Dr.Vic was behind this nomination from the start. He knew Becky’s father, Dale and made sure she enjoyed some time on the island he loves so much. ​

As her family describes, “Becky spent a good amount of time joyfully watching the sea turtles swimming from her balcony that week.” No cancer in sight - just the Haleakala sunrise and blue ocean for miles. Becky loved that vacation so much that her family has decided to all go back next year. Her kids will now have the chance to watch those same sea turtles from that same balcony thanks to the generosity of Vic and Rita.

That same generosity that was on full display just a couple of weeks ago. On December 23rd, KWF gave our 1,000th gift of FUN to 29-year-old Jamie Helbig, a Covid/ICU nurse LIVING with breast cancer. After a year filled with Covid, cancer and a canceled wedding, we knew Jamie needed that trip to Maui. And it is no surprise that Dr.Vic felt the same. His daughter, Cara was present at that delivery to offer up insight on the island and a warm Aloha welcome to Jamie and her fiancé. The same couple has since decided to make that trip a destination wedding. ​

As our conversation came to a close, Dr.Vic elaborated on the magic of Hawaii. The famous Mama’s Fish House where he frequents, the beauty of the Maaleah Bay and the commanding view of the Haleakalā Volcano in East Maui. All beautiful, yet inconsequential in comparison to the feeling he gets when he can share it all with women and families LIVING with cancer. ​We'll give Dr. Vic the last words here, “Very few people get the concept that happiness does not come from getting, it comes from giving and it’s even better if you can give at a personal level. If you can know a real person and their real struggles and their real concerns and make their life a little easier. Even if it’s just for a week or gives me a great amount of personal happiness.” ​

Angeline Wellington